Securing Your Online Data Room: A Quick Guide?

The virtual data room is used as a tool. It is used for: due diligence of corporate transactions (mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy and collapse, loan syndication, sale of real estate, etc.); audit and compliance (compliance control); confidential business communications when it is necessary to provide access to a single source of information to several users from any geographical location.

Why are protective functions necessary?

Security features and a reliable system are essential to prevent malicious activity and ensure security.

There are types of protection are in the virtual room:

    • Two-factor authentication.
    • Protection with virtual room integration.

Who can help protect?

For example, MitraSoft offers a solution for protecting mail-in-mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus. The answer is a plugin (extension) for the mail program that integrates with the Virtual Data Room. The extension is launched together with the mail client, and at the moment of attaching the document to the letter, it replaces it with a secure link to the virtual data room. Thus, the recipient of the letter will be able to view the contents of the document in the browser (the document itself remains on the company’s server) or download it in a protected DRM container.

What are the stages of implementation?

A plugin for a mail program (Microsoft Outlook or IBM Lotus) is installed on the user’s workstation.

The system administrator creates policies to protect documents sent by email.

The user creates a new letter, specifies the recipient, and attaches the file.

Instead of an attachment, the external recipient receives a link to the document, which continues to be located on the document owner’s server.

By clicking on the link, depending on the predefined security policies, an external user can view the contents of the document directly in the Internet browser.

How to secure online data rooms?

The first thing to do is install a particular plugin. The one we offer integrates with Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus. It works on the basis of the Virtual Data Room (virtual data room) and provides complete security for your email, or rather, email attachments.

After installing the plugin, you do not need to do anything special. It starts immediately after opening the mail client window. As soon as the user attaches a document to the letter, the intelligent software directly replaces it with a link to a cell in the virtual data room.H2: How to prevent companies from using data for advertising?

What will it change? Firstly, the recipient will not be able to download the document and use it for their purposes. The attached file will open in the browser. It will be impossible to copy its contents since the document itself will continue to be located on the company’s server. It will be possible, of course, to download the file in a DRM-protected container. But this means that the entire history of actions with the document will be carefully recorded and saved. Secondly, the sender or information security officer will be able to revoke access to the DRM storage at any time and, consequently, to the secret file of the enterprise.